Hi! I’m Jamie, a Graphic Designer and Writer behind the lifestyle and design blog, Sincerely Miss Design. I believe that design plays an important role in our self expression and that everyone should embrace their creative side!


From design tips to product reviews, Sincerely Miss Design is focused on sharing unique content hoping to inspire it’s reader’s creativity!

Read up on some of my quick design tips.

Getting to know me

I’m a Graphic Design student currently residing in Allentown, Pennsylvania with my dorky Comic Artist Husband and our 3 cats. I enjoy reading, watching documentaries, and cooking vegetarian food. Shoes, make up, and cats (obviously) are my weaknesses.

Take a peek at my Husband’s website.

Check out my beauty reviews.

My Artwork

My artwork is heavily influenced by Sanrio, the company that created Hello Kitty, and Japanese kawaii culture. Recently I have been using my iPad to draw and color. In the past I have used Adobe Photoshop. Everything I know about Photoshop I have taught myself whether it be through trial and error or tutorials I found online. As a new Graphic Design student I am eager to learn new tools and techniques!

Check some of my artwork!

Visit my professional site.


I absolutely love to hear from readers! I can be found at




or email me at sincerelymissdesign@gmail.com


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