2014 Holiday Party Attire

2014 Holiday Party
This year the company I work for is having our annual Holiday party at a local venue that is absolutely gorgeous and filled with history. The party the room is being held is reminds me of a King’s throne room. A lot of the woodwork and ceiling art is the original. My plan was to go all out and look elegant and treat it like a second prom. I did go to my prom, stag of course with a bunch of friends and we had a great time, but I didn’t like my dress. 15 years ago there weren’t many options for “plus size” girls during prom dress season. I think the highest size went up to was  an 11 and I was a whopping size 14 (I’m being incredibly sarcastic when I say that). So, I followed my Mother’s fashion advice and got a burgundy colored dress to contrast my pale skin tone. (What I really wanted was a light blue dress I saw in Seventeen Magazine that had a corset top and a big poofy ballerina bottom).
Last month I put the above collage together and even Photoshopped the dress to match the dark navy color I was looking for. Unfortunately, we all have priorities and while I would have loved to play dress up, I decided to skip the party. I have 2 other Holiday parties I have to attend next weekend and I’m not even certain what I’m wearing to those. I do have dresses, but like most women, I don’t like wearing the same dress to the same event every year. I do not get to dress up very often so, when I do I like to go all out. This annoys my husband at times because he doesn’t understand why I need to buy things to wear when I already have perfectly suitable attire.
Men. They will just never understand.