Ugly Betty is the Modern Day Clarissa Explains it all


It’s no secret that I’m old, well I’m not THAT old, but I grew up during the 90’s and whenever I read or see something that reminds me of those times I get all warm and squishy inside reminiscing about the days of my youth. Nickelodeon was really popular during those days and one of my favorite shows, along with other girls my age was Clarissa Explains it All. She changed her outfit about five times during every show and by the end of every episode I would run to my closet to see if I could re-create Clarissa’s outfits.

Unfortunately, it just never worked out that way. I had plenty of sweaters, stretch, pants and jean overalls to class, but what I lacked was confidence. It takes a lot of confidence to wear clothing that is not the typical style especially when you are an awkward teenage. Despite the fact that almost two decades have gone by since Clarissa explained it all, I still like her look.

Moving on… I am an original member of Netflix. Meaning, I have been a member since it was born. I was ordering Netflix moves when Blockbuster and Hollywood video were still popular. I was one of the first members of Netflix Instant. So, I feel I have every right to say this, Netflix incredibly disappoints me. It was amazing when it first came out. The selection of movies on instant, especially the amount of unknown indie movies was glorious. Now, members are forced to watch shows created by Netflix (orange is the new black is the only one worth watching) and tons of old TV episodes.

A few months ago my poison was Desperate House Wives. I binge watched that show and finished 7 seasons in about a month. I like to watch mindless things while working on school work and being able to watch a quick episode of something between school work breaks is convenient. Late last month I start watching Ugly Betty. At first, it was kind of boring. I found America Ferrera’s character to be a little whiny and spineless, but that is just the nature of her character. Although her wardrobe was a bit over the top, I start to dig the mix matching ensembles.

Now that I am nearing the end of season 3 and about to hit the last season, despite the fashion, and the fact that I’d like to work for a New York fashion magazine, like all long running shows it is lame. I understand, writers run out of ideas and this show has pretty much run its course. Of course I will be watching a movie if they actually put one out! Especially if Bette Midler has a cameo role.

And so I leave you with some polyvore collages I put together. Clarissa vs. Ugly Betty. If you are into mix matching patterns and styles I’d love to see pictures of some of your outfits! I could use a little inspiration to spice up my typical black winter wardrobe!





DIY Unconventional Costumes

This week I wanted to do something a little different for my Friday post. Every year I venture to one of those Halloween stores that randomly pop up this time a year and spend an obscene amount of money for a costume. Yet every year I end up not really wearing the costume because we don’t go to any Halloween parties and trick or treat night ends up being one of the coldest nights of the year. So, this year I am NOT buying a costume just to sit outside with a blanket draped over myself to hand out candy. In case I do decide to wear a costume, I’ve come up with a few ideas that I can most likely pull together from things in my closet or from the thrift store. Our local thrift store actually puts clothing and accessories together to make a costume and displays them at the store.

So, rather then putting together a typical home made costume I thought of some different unconventional ones.




gsg(Note: “Goth School Girl” is inspired by the movie “The Craft”, which I was obsessed with in junior high.)