Technology has replaced face to face human interaction


I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I love it because there is so much information and ways to access things anywhere in the world at anytime. Today it has surpassed almost everything. Technology dominates our world.

In turn, technology also prevents people from interacting. No one picks up the phone to talk, they send a text message or make a post on someone’s Facebook wall. It allows us to be so impersonal.

Don’t get me wrong, I do go on social media sites on my phone, but I primarily use it for photos, driving directions, and restaurant menus. That convenience in itself is wonderful. Yet, I cannot stand people who consistently bury their nose into their phone all day. Why do people care so much about what is going on in people’s lives they know nothing about? When I see people at restaurants dining together and both of them are sitting in silence checking their phones, it saddens me. Do they not realize they are wasting precious time with someone they actually care about? Your Facebook and Twitter will be there tomorrow, but perhaps the REAL people in your life may not. If you lose that person, then what?

Anyone who has lost someone important in their lives knows it leaves an empty hole inside of you. It is literally the most painful feeling I’ve ever felt. All you have left to reminisce about are the good times. Will you be on your twitter feed when someone you love is gone?

So, stop, please. Put the phone down and sit an enjoy a meal or a conversation with a loved one. The joy we get out of this life is being able to form close relationships with people. As social media sites grow, they put a wedge between our lives and our internet lives. How and why are social media sites addicting? I can see wanting to stay in touch with friends, but the things people share on Facebook… TMI. Really.

Sometimes I feel like I am at war with technology and technology always wins. The battle is fruitless.

In the business world technology is a Godsend, but nothing beats the face to face meeting with a strong hand shake. A personal hand written thank you note shows genuine gratitude because you took a few minutes to sit down and personally write a note.

So, get off your phone, computer, game console, and go actually interact with someone.