Friday Favorites – Winter Skin Care Products

Happy Halloween! Life is pretty crazy right now with school and work. Everything has transitioned so fast from summer to fall and now winter. Stores already have Christmas decorations out. Christmas has become a holiday that we begin to celebrate a good two months before the actual day. It really is the most anticipated day of the year for those who celebrate it.

Anyway, Christmas makes me think of the bitter winters here in Pennsylvania. My skin gets very dry and itchy. These are my go to products to stay moisturized during the season.

ff skin care

1.) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Hands down the best hand cream I have ever used. A tiny bit goes a long way! I prefer the fragrance free. The regular product smells like baby powder.

2.) Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub This stuff is wonderful to get the dry skin off chapped lips. I constantly have chapped lips this time of year, and after using some scrubs my lips get irritated. I use this as often as every other day some weeks and have not had irritation.

3.) ChapStick Classic Skin Protection Forget all of the fancy ChapStick options stick with this good old one.

4.) Vaseline Spray and Go Body Moisturizer I love the convenience of lotion in a spray bottle! It is not super moisturizing but does it’s job and dries really quickly.

5.) Natural Loofah Luffa Loofa Body Scrub Pads Take a hot bath, get out your favorite body wash, later up one of these and scrub! These scrubs help remove dead skin cells and will ultimately help keep your skin smoother. After using one of these I recommend lathering up with the next product.

6.)  Bath and Body Works Super Rich Body Cream with Shea Butter This is indeed “super rich” and smells amazing. It is one of the only body creams that I feel locks the moisture into my skin. Again, Bath and Body Works always has great sales and coupons. I can’t remember the last time I paid full price for anything at their store.


Skin care routine

When I was younger I totally abused my skin. I rarely washed my face with anything besides water in the shower, never took off my make up nor used SPF, and spent a lot of time in tanning beds. To my defense, I was never really educated enough on how to take care of my skin. Growing up the only skincare knowledge I got was out of Seventeen Magazine. 16 years ago not very many people had computers and even if you had the luxury of owning one beauty blogs and YouTube didn’t exist back then. Plus could you imagine trying to watch a video on dial up?

For a couple years on and off I frequented tanning salons and did not wear any protection on my face. I laughed at the people who told me how tanning reeked havoc on skin but later regretted not listening to them. In my early 20’s I started taking care of my skin and developed my own routine by trial and error. Here is my typical routine:


1.) Yes to Grapefruit Face Wipes First I use wipes to take off my makeup. I found that the “Yes” brand that Target sells are excellent. I’ve tried several other brands but these actually stay moist after you open the package.

2.) PHILOSOPHY Purity Made Simple I have never disliked a Philosophy product that I’ve tried. I use this face wash on my skin every night before bed. I have really sensitive skin and this formula is really gentle and non irritating. I apply about a quarter sized amount to my face nightly and the $20 bottle lasts me a few months.

3.) CLINIQUE Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ I use this every night after I wash my face. It does not have an SPF so I wouldn’t wear it during the day. I also think it is a little too greasy and runny so I avoid putting it on my chin, otherwise I break out.

4.) Neutrogena Facial Moisturizer This is the ONLY moisturizer I have used for the past 10 years. It has SPF, oil free, and is reasonably priced. I noticed that Neutrogena does have a moisturizer with 30 SPF that I may change to. I’m not sure if it is oil free, which is essential for me.

5.) Clarisonic Mia I use the Clarisonic about twice a week to exfoliate. Yes, the Mia is expensive but, seriously worth the price. Nothing else I’ve ever used has exfoliated my skin so well and made it soft.  Amazon sells generic replacement brushes super cheap.

My Morning Routine:
Wash face with cold water
Apply SPF Lotion

Nightly Routine:
Wipe make up off skin
Wash face with Purity or Exfoliate with Purity
Apply Moisturizer

Always make sure to wash your face before bed even if you are NOT wearing make up! To keep your skin looking great it is important to establish a skin care routine and force yourself to abide by it and make it a habit.