Friday Favorites

friday favorites textFriday Favs Template1.) The Body Shop Body Butter, Blueberry – $14.50 – Several months ago I mentioned the Strawberry scented Body Butter in a favorites post. When I was almost out of it I visited my local Ulta, but it was sold out. In fact, every scent that I’d actually like was sold out. So, I went on Amazon and low and behold I found a blueberry scented one! Amazon has several other scents too that I have not seen in stores. Anyway, I love this just as much as the strawberry. It has a very light blueberry scent that is not over powering.

2.) Nyx Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in Little Susie – $5.99 -This product came in last month’s Ipsy box (that I did not review). At first glance the color looks like a light pink/coral, but once I applied it I was surprised how bright it actually was. It went on very smoothly and was not sticky. I felt it was more similar to lip gloss, but not as sheer. This isn’t a color I’d typically wear, but maybe I’ll throw it into the rotation.


3.) OPI Nail Color in Bubble Bath – $9.50 – This is a very, very soft nude shade. I was concerned that it would require more then 2 coats to actually look like the color in the bottle, but two coats was plenty!


Friday Favorites Valentine’s Day Edition


Tomorrow is a day that is dreaded by some and loved by many. The retail industry rakes in a boatload of money from candy, stuffed animals, and jewelry each year for V-day. Although it is over commercialized, I love Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m all squishy loving love, but I adore the combination of red and pink together. Everything from pizza to donuts can be bought in a heart shape. Can food get any cuter?

I complied a little list of a few of my favorite products for Valentine’s Day. Usually my Husband and I stay low key and go out on another night to avoid the crowds. I’m not really one to get all dressed up regardless. This year we decided to go to New York City for a few days next week and visit some museums and friends up there. I can’t wait! Anyway on the favs…

Essie Nail Polish in Play Date My new favorite Essie polish! Once applied this color is just as vibrant as it appears in the bottle. This pastel-ish purple is such a pretty color for the slowly approaching spring.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Very Berry This blush is bright and really pigmented. A little bit goes a long way for those of you who have paler complexions. Candy Glow and Peach Beach are two other color options. The Candy Glow color is probably better suited for pale skin tones while Peach Beach appears to have more of a shimmery bronze tone. This blush is pricey, but Too Faced products have not disappointed me yet! The packaging itself is adorable.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Russian Red This is the classic movie star red lipstick. Generally I am not a lipstick person, but I was going for a pin up look when I got married and picked up this color after it was highly recommended to me. I paired it with some cheap Rimmel lip liner and it looked amazing.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume My all time favorite perfume, Euphoria is a light floral musk fragrance. The smell lasts all day, but is not overpowering. Next time you are out stop and try a sample of this! You have to smell it to understand my love for it!

I may be late to the party, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear MAC is releasing a Cinderella Collection!





It is available starting February 26th on their website. I feel the packaging is a little bit plain, but I suppose it fits well with the product colors. I love the feminine earth tones and am specifically looking at purchasing the beauty powder and maybe a lipstick!

Have a Happy V-Day!


Best of 2014

Is it too late to post a “Best of” list for 2014? It was so hard to get up on Monday and go back to work for a full week as well as start another class at school. Getting up and out of bed the past few days have been a challenge. It is freezing here in Pennsylvania and no matter how many layers you wear, going outside is literally painful.  Anyway, here are my favorites from last year.


DressModCloth I love your dress I love these dresses so much that I have one in 3 colors. ModCloth just released two new colors Burgundy and Cobalt. The Burgundy keeps going out of stock, but I was lucky enough to order one earlier today. The dress is very versatile and can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. Although the fabric is thin, I still am wearing it this winter. Heavier tights, sweater, and boots make it work.

Boots – G by GUESS Gadget Bootie In the beginning of fall I looked everywhere for a good pair of black booties. I now have 3 pairs and these by far have been my favorite. They are comfortable and actually warm. It looks like DSW is almost sold out online though.

Lip GlossL’Oreal Colour Riche Balm & NYX xtreme lip cream Both of these products are incredibly affordable, which is why I have several and always keep one of each in my purse. I prefer these over lipstick when I’m at work or just doing something casual.

NailsGelous Nail Gel This isn’t really much of a substitute for gel polish. It removes just like regular polish but, does seem to keep it from chipping right away. I think it also keeps my nails a little stronger.

Skinboscia Purifying Cleansing Gel I added this to my skin care routine later this year after experiencing several break outs. After using it nightly for a few weeks I did see an improvement in my skin and will purchase it again. The price is a bit high but, it is very gentle on sensitive skin and a bottle will last you a few months.

BookNot That Kind of Girl by Leena Dunham In 2014 I really got into the Girls show and once I heard Leena was releasing a book anxiously waited for the release date. The book was incredibly entertaining up until the end. I enjoy Leena’s raw, gritty, truthfulness and the fact that she is so comfortable and confident with herself.

PaletteToo Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Also high up on my list of favorites is Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 Both of these palettes offer high quality shadows in neutral colors that can easily be toned down or vamped up. I picked the Chocolate Bar palette over Naked Basics 2 because I just cannot get over the fact how amazing it smells when you open it up.

Thanks to everyone who posted a favorites list, I have several products on my 2015 list to purchase!


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review


Typical gel manicures last a few weeks but, I don’t get them often anymore because no matter how I remove the gel, my nails get weak and brittle. Someone recommended Gelous because it is similar to gel but, removes like a regular polish. Since I bought it I have used it religiously every time I paint my nails. It does help extend the life of some polishes. I saw Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel product on sale at the drug store so, I decided to try to out. It claims that it is like gel polish that removes like regular polish and no light is required. This is a two step process. First, you apply the color and then the top coat. I chose the color Rosey Riviter which is an orange coral color.

The product directions indicate that you apply 2 coats of the color. For me 2 coats were not enough so I ended up doing 3. I’m not sure if it is the color I chose but even after 3 coats I didn’t think it was enough.



This is a photo of what my nails looked like after painting them. Please ignore my poorly manicured cuticles.


Here is a photo of 3 days after application. As you can see there is minimal chipping, but enough for me to want to take the polish off. When my nail polish begins to chip I have a bad habit of picking it off.

Considering the fact that you must buy two bottles of polish for about $10 each, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I was very disappointed with how sheer the color was. If it is on sale again I may try another color but, I rather spend the money on two bottles of Gelous.



Fuse Gelnamel Kit Review

SMOOTHIEI picked up this little kit at CVS for $10 versus the $29.99 price tag on Fuse’s website. Gel manicures are great because they last what seems like forever, but (yes, there is always a but) when it comes time to remove the gel it is a long process. Usually I soak some cotton balls in acetone nail polish remove and wrap some aluminum foil around each finger tip. I sit there for about 10 or 15 minutes and by then most of the gel has dissolved off. No matter how careful you are during the removal process, your nails will still be somewhat brittle after a gel manicure. For this reason I use Gelous with my polish which isn’t damaging to nails and lasts fairly long.

So this is my first DIY at home gel manicure attempt. This little kit comes with the following:


The process goes like this:

  1. Starting with clean nails use the pink “fuse” file to buff your nails.
  2. Take one of the white pads and squirt some of the “fuse cleanser” on it. Rub one finger with it.
  3. Put a very thing coat of the “fuse” polish onto your nail and then stick it into the LED light for 30 seconds. The light inside will automatically turn off after 30 seconds.
  4. Use the pad with the “fuse cleanser” on it to wipe the nail.
  5. Repeat process on every single nail.


This is what the LED light looks like when lit up. It’s actually pretty clever.

SMOOTHIE(1)This is my final result. As you can see I did not take my time during the process because it grew very tedious after the first few times. I was incredibly disappointed with the color as well. I was assuming it was going to be similar to the bottle and not just sparkles. Although it claims to last as long as a salon gel manicure (which for me is roughly two weeks) it lasted a mere two days!

I admit it could rely heavily on user error, but I still wouldn’t spend $30 on this product. The Gelous polish works wonderful and does not damage the nail. The Fuse polish did pull off some of the top layer of my nail when it chipped off.

I forgot to mention that it also has an extension that you can fit your toe nails into the LED light. Once it starts to become flip flop weather I will try that feature out.