Men just don’t understand purse obsession

Never in my almost 32 years of existence have I met a man who understood the appreciation women have for quality purses and shoes. I like to splurge sometimes on outrageously priced purses because to me they are just elegant. Honestly, I can’t even explain why I am just drawn to certain bags, but what I can tell you is that a pricey bag is well worth the investment. As long as you take care of them, they last, forever. For example, about six months about I bought a cute bag at Target. It was very durable, at least it seemed to be. I think it may have been about $30 yet less then a week later, it broke.

My last expensive bag purchase was this Michael Kors one.



It is an oldie but definitely a classic. I prefer cross body bags but still fell in love with this one. It can fit plenty of things into it. Since it’s been so long I am now on the prowl for a new baby. This spawned a slight argument with my Husband last night as I fell in love with a Michael Kors bag at our local Bon Ton. I am well aware that because of our current situation, buying a $185 purse is out of the question. My wonderful Husband is busting his butt to try to save the $5,000 I need to pay next semester. Logically, realistically, I know it is so WRONG for me to lust after this, but I can’t help it. I feel like a drug addict.

I was curious so, I did a little research online to find out why other women share the same designer purse fever as I. So I turned to some sources that are fun, but unreliable. The consensus on Yahoo Answers was that many women buy them as a status symbol to make them to feel rich and draw attention. One commenter even went as far as saying if a boyfriend or husband buys his girl a designer bag that means they are nothing but a “gold digging slut.” Um, okay?

My favorite response is by T<3M, “Handbags are not only purchased as an accessory but they are used to carry around everything you need to have with you on a daily basis. Aside from design, It’s most important that handbags are crafted with quality-good fabric, stitching, and design–you can trust the designer labels for better styles too. Purchasing a handbag with these traits ensures that you will get best durability, durability is important because unlike shirts women use their purses over the course of years. When you are carrying your bag you want people to notice how respectable it looks so that’s where fashion comes into it. Women love to shop and because bags are more one-of-a-kind they are more fun to shop for compared to jeans or sweaters.”

I don’t necessarily need a purse to be confident but there’s something about walking down the street with a designer bag that just makes me ooze a bit more confidence. Knowing that my stuff is going to stay put is also a plus and not having to worry about a strap snapping is another added bonus. Plus designer bags are cute and unique looking! Personally, when I see a woman with a exquisite bag I do not think to myself, “oh this women must be trying to get attention and is pretending she’s rich.” I think, “oh my god, that bag is freaking amazing! Where did she get it?!”

Below is a small Polyvore Michael Kors inspiration board I put together in remembrance of purses that got away.

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