Friday Favorites July 3

ff july 3

EcoTools Konjac Pure Complexion Sponge – For months I’ve been dying to try a Konjac sponge, but kept passing it up because of the $18 price tag. Last week at Target I saw this one for $4.79 and thought I’d give it a try. The sponge is very rough when dry, but as soon as you get it wet and lather some face cleanser in there it is amazing! Normally I wash my face with my clairsonic when I want to exfoliate. If I opt for a wash rag or some other cloth my face gets irritated from daily washing. This sponge is really gentle, removes all the traces of make up that my make up remove leaves behind, and leaves my skin feeling soft. Apparently the sponges are said to last 1-3 months.

Garnier Beach Chic – I picked this up at CVS Pharmacy for roughly $5. I’ve always been a fan of Garnier’s beach texture products. In the summer months the humidity reeks havoc on my hair so adding a few spritz’s of this helps maintain some kind of style. It does not weight your hair down because it is very light. This is not typical hair spray so do not expect it to hold a style all day. The smell is also pretty pleasant.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ –  This can be purchased from MAC for $22. This is something useful in the summer time. If kept in the fridge, you can spritz some on your face as a refresher. It’s a great product, but you can find something that does the same thing for much cheaper. Check out this product by Evian for $12.

Sugar Lip Treatment with Sunscreen – I received this lip treatment as a sample. Although, it is a bit costly at $22.50, the product is worth every penny. My lips are chronically dry regardless of the season. I apply this first thing in the morning before my makeup and my lips stay moisturized throughout the day. Usually I apply the un-tinted color underneath lip-glosses for extra SPF. Of course you can find a similar product that is much cheaper, but I have yet to find a replacement that continues to moisturize my lips hours later.

Also, do NOT forget about this beauty launching on Wednesday July 8th!



Ipsy December 2014 Bag Review


NYX Butter Lip Balm ($4.99) From eye shadows to lip products I have never been disappointed with NYX cosmetics. The shade in my box was “lady fingers” it has a sheer pink tint and smells wonderful!  The lip balm goes on smoothly and is hydrating like the description says.

Tarte deluxe lights, camera, lashes ($20.00) I’ve tried several “higher end” mascara brands and feel that they are no better then the typical drug store mascara. In fact, I prefer drug store mascara. It’s cheap and I replace my mascara often. My favorite is still Loreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara.

Fairy Dust Pixi by Petra ($10.00) This product is a powder pigment illuminator. I have several mac pigments and while I love them, I always get some of it everywhere when I open the jars. The advantage of this pigment is that it comes with a convenient small lip gloss type brush that screws into the tube. It’s pretty and shimmery, but not something I’d wear on a daily basis.

Coolway Boost Repair Mask ($29.95) This product is supposed to restore damaged and over-processed hair. When I first opened the tube it looked watery, so I initially thought it was hair gel until I read the back.The scent is also a bit off putting. I have not used this product yet, but basing it off of the reviews on Ipsy, I’m not sure I even want to. Many of the reviewers say it actually made their hair feel even more damaged after use.

Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush by Crown Brush ($6.99) I love that Ipsy sends brushes as I could always use more!For the price this brush is sturdy and appears it will last quite a while. The size of the crease brush is perfect. Over the past several months I’ve found different brands of cheap brushes are right up there with MAC and sigma brushes. In the future I’ll post a review of a few different “cheap” quality brushes.

If you are interested in a membership click the image below. Ipsy bags are $10.00/month. I was also a member of Birchbox for awhile, but have been more please with the products that Ipsy sends. It’s worth trying!

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Cheap Gifts For A Beauty Junkie

As blog posts flood the internet with “gift guides”, I figured I would jump on the bandwagon and do one as well.

I’m sure others, like myself, are limited on funds this time of year so, I thought a “cheap” beauty gift guide is a great idea. Most of these products can be found at Ulta, drugstores, Target, Walmart, etc. The ultimate goal here is to get quality products for a reasonable price that most women would use rather then resorting to buying gift cards. Personally, I have friends and co-workers that I prefer to buy little gifts for.


Some other “cheap” gift tips:

  • Purchase “travel” sized products and make a small gift bag/basket with a few different ones. I buy them for my own personal use to test out products before I spend the money on the regular size.
  • Hit up Bath & Body Works. They usually have awesome sales on the small bottles of lotion, sanitizer, etc.

Product Links:

Nyx Cosmetics C’est La Vie Shadows $19.99
Body Shop Coconut Gift Cube (Ulta in stores) $7.00
Shades of Glamour Kit (Ulta in stores) $20 and under
Sexy Hair’s 4 Shades of Sexy (Ulta in stores)
Nyx Cosmetics The “It” List Pink Lip Glosses $19.99
OPI Wrapped Wild for the Holidays -Duo + Free Cheetah Print Infinity Scarf, #3 (Lincoln Park After Dark, Samoan Sand) $16.95
Real Technique Brushes $17.95 for purple set
Make Up Geek Brushes $17.99 and under

Happy Shopping!

Friday Favorites August 22


1.) John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air Brush I purchased this as a replaced to my Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Spin Brush that was on the verge of dying. Drying my hair was not something that I did very often. If I wear my hair down I straighten it because it is very frizzy and wavy making me look like I should be in an 80’s hair band. I usually would just let it air dry and then use a straightener (I hate the word flat iron) to smooth it out. Then the whole blow out thing became popular and I saw this on Pinterest from Lauren Conrad’s website. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the actual tutorial on her site or Pinterest. Using a round brush and hair dryer at the same time was too difficult for me so, I figured I’d try out the Conair. This thing is definitely worth the investment! Not only is it a blow dryer, but with a push of a button it rotates itself. By sectioning my hair off and taking my time I am able to get a very smooth blow out looking. If it is done correctly, you will not need to use a straightener afterwards. I had the Conair for 3 years or so and used it on a regular basis. I could tell that it was going to die soon as it wasn’t as powerful with the spinning. The John Frieda brush does not rotate, but it is just as great as the Conair. With this one you have a little bit more control and because it is smaller its possible to get closer to the scalp.

2.) Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat Protection Spray This stuff is about $7 or $8 at Sally Beauty. It is the only heat protection spray that I’ve used for the past several years. Other sprays always left my hair feeling dry or too greasy. I tried several different high end brands and had no luck. I randomly picked this up one day to try and loved it. Out of everything I’ve tried I feel this one seems to offer the most protection, isn’t greasy, and leaves my hair feeling smooth.

3.) Apple Magic Trackpad I’ve had my eye on this thing for awhile. Since I have spent the last 15+ years on a computer most of the day, I developed wrist problems. Even with taking frequent breaks and doing some stretches I have wrist pain. This mouse only works with apple products, but unfortunately we use Dell computers at work. For school work I need to use a Mac so I purchased it anyway. It definitely is easier on my wrists, but a bit tricky to use as I have not gotten the hang of it yet.

4.) Urban Decay Perversion Mascara This month I had a really disappointing Ipsy box. This was the only product sample that I’ve used consistently since I received the box. I have a big issue with both mascara and eyeliner. My eyes are super sensitive, so I never really wear eyeliner. Otherwise my eyes get all watery and itchy. Certain mascaras have the same effect. My other issue that lies with mascara is the fact that I buy waterproof and it’s not waterproof. After a few hours I see little flakes or residue of mascara underneath my eyes and it appears I have a black eye. Anyway, this mascara is not irritating or clumpy. Once it is applied you can definitely notice a difference.

5.) Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Naked While on the search for the perfect bronzer for contouring I picked up this product. I have fair skin and many of the shades were too dark and made me look like I was dirty. This particular shade of bronzer is noticeable on my skin, but not dramatic. I don’t use the blush often because I prefer blushes that are coral colored. The compact would be convenient to travel with since it combines 3 products into one.