Not your typical Friday Favorites

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Rather then discussing some of my favorite products/items I’ve been into; I wanted to share that I got my first Fortune Cookie Soap Box yesterday! I signed up for this back in August and have been patiently waiting the past few months to receive it. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it ships quarterly. There is usually a spring, summer, fall, and holiday theme. The box is $20, but you definitely receive a substantial amount of product! This holiday theme is based off of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. It just so happens that this is one of my favorite holiday movies to watch!

I did sample a few products to give an overall opinion of the box.

The black container on the upper left is the “Moose Mug” cuticle butter. It is ultra creamy, not greasy, and absorbs well into your cuticles. On top of that it smells absolutely delicious like eggnog and nutmeg.

Next is the “Mele Kelekimaka” hand sanitizer. I’m really not a huge fan of hand sanitizers and when I applied this one it smelled like I was pouring alcohol straight into my hands. Once this sanitizer evaporated, it did leave a pleasant “tropical” scent.

The white container is filled with deep conditioner and is this boxes “mystery fragrance.” Fortune Cookie offers a $50 gift card for anyone who can guess the correct scent. I’m going with sugar cookie, but regardless I cannot wait to try this stuff out! Hopefully it leaves my hair smelling as good as it does in the jar.

The bar wrapped in foil is a shower steamer. This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this. Apparently you just drop it in the tub as you take a shower. I love taking baths and soaking in bath salts and bombs (side note why can’t we have a Lush in Allentown?) so I’m also excited to try it out. This particular shower steamer smells like fresh cut trees and mint.

“Jello Surprise” is a whipped cream moisturizer that’s smell is described as strawberries, vanilla sugar, and sticky syrup with a squeeze of orange. I sampled this last night and again it was not greasy, very thick, and absorbed quickly into my skin. I’d compare to the smell to “Juniper Breeze” that Bath & Body Works smells.

“Fried Pussycat” is a whipped soap that I have not tried yet. Like everything else in this soap box it smells delicious!

Of course last, but not least is the cute fortune cookie shaped soap. Although the scent is described as sweet almond with warm swirls of tobacco, I think it smells more like apple cinnamon.

As a subscriber of Ipsy and Birchbox, Fortune Cookie Soap box is by far the best box I’ve gotten yet! I definitely recommend signing up and getting at least one box to try out!