Best of 2014

Is it too late to post a “Best of” list for 2014? It was so hard to get up on Monday and go back to work for a full week as well as start another class at school. Getting up and out of bed the past few days have been a challenge. It is freezing here in Pennsylvania and no matter how many layers you wear, going outside is literally painful.  Anyway, here are my favorites from last year.


DressModCloth I love your dress I love these dresses so much that I have one in 3 colors. ModCloth just released two new colors Burgundy and Cobalt. The Burgundy keeps going out of stock, but I was lucky enough to order one earlier today. The dress is very versatile and can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. Although the fabric is thin, I still am wearing it this winter. Heavier tights, sweater, and boots make it work.

Boots – G by GUESS Gadget Bootie In the beginning of fall I looked everywhere for a good pair of black booties. I now have 3 pairs and these by far have been my favorite. They are comfortable and actually warm. It looks like DSW is almost sold out online though.

Lip GlossL’Oreal Colour Riche Balm & NYX xtreme lip cream Both of these products are incredibly affordable, which is why I have several and always keep one of each in my purse. I prefer these over lipstick when I’m at work or just doing something casual.

NailsGelous Nail Gel This isn’t really much of a substitute for gel polish. It removes just like regular polish but, does seem to keep it from chipping right away. I think it also keeps my nails a little stronger.

Skinboscia Purifying Cleansing Gel I added this to my skin care routine later this year after experiencing several break outs. After using it nightly for a few weeks I did see an improvement in my skin and will purchase it again. The price is a bit high but, it is very gentle on sensitive skin and a bottle will last you a few months.

BookNot That Kind of Girl by Leena Dunham In 2014 I really got into the Girls show and once I heard Leena was releasing a book anxiously waited for the release date. The book was incredibly entertaining up until the end. I enjoy Leena’s raw, gritty, truthfulness and the fact that she is so comfortable and confident with herself.

PaletteToo Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Also high up on my list of favorites is Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 Both of these palettes offer high quality shadows in neutral colors that can easily be toned down or vamped up. I picked the Chocolate Bar palette over Naked Basics 2 because I just cannot get over the fact how amazing it smells when you open it up.

Thanks to everyone who posted a favorites list, I have several products on my 2015 list to purchase!


Christmas Things

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Mine was calm and relaxing, thankfully. It was filled with tons of yummy food like my fancy Christmas morning breakfast of orange cranberry french toast with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

xmas 1

I also got some wonderful gifts from my Husband:

xmas presents

Kindle Paperlight – I never really planned on getting a kindle because any digital reading I did, I used my iPad. Now that I have been using my iPad to draw on I am slowly running out of space. I love the convenience of the Paperlight because it is so compact that I can stick it in my purse and carry it anywhere. The screen is so crisp it is almost as if I’m reading an actual book. I love the automatic anti-glare light adjustment feature as well. If you are a big reader, I definitely recommend one since they really are so affordable now.

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 – I have the first version of this stylus which has more of a rubbery thick tip. Although, it is pretty precise I wanted to try out the new version since the tip allows more intricate details. Unfortunately, this stylus is only compatible with a few iPad drawing programs. Right now I use ArtStudio, but I will be transitioning over to Procreate slowly. Everyone seems to love that program, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it!

Carnival Coloring Book – I saw this at Barnes and Nobles and fell in love with the artwork. I plan to use to for inspiration rather then an actual coloring book.

The Book of Hearts – Another pretty book I found with different illustrations of hearts that are anatomical designs as well as typical heart shapes.

Pusheen the Cat 2015 Wall Calendar – Do I even need to explain why I got this? Pusheen is the most adorable cat character and I’ll get to see his cute face hanging up at work everyday in 2015.

Christmas Eve we visited Lights in the Parkway, which is a big display of lights throughout one of the parks here in PA. It is beautifully done and here is a short video of it:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday! I’m thankful this week is another short one for me because I took off for New Years.

I’m excited to see everyone’s posts of gifts they received! If you made a Holiday post leave your link in a comment so I can check it out!




“Cheap” Brush Review

When I first began wearing make I applied my foundation with those cheap sponge brushes or with my finger tips. Eyeshadow and blushes were applied with the sponges included in their sets. My makeup application was okay, although I found that I had to reapply foundation throughout the day and by 5pm my eye shadow was non-existent. Then, thanks to YouTube, LiveJournal, and all the beauty gurus I decided to invest in some brushes. Using a brush to put foundation on was incredibly foreign to me. I invested a lot of money into MAC brushes, which are definitely worth the cost. Many of them I’ve had for about 10 years now and with the proper care I am sure they will last FOREVER. But, by trial and error you do not have to pay a fortune for quality makeup brushes. Taking good care of them is the most important part. I try to wash my brushes about once a week or every other week with gentle shampoo. In the past I’ve tried brush cleaner, but feel that a gentle shampoo does a better job of deep cleaning. So without further a due here are some of my top favorite “cheap” favorite brushes:


























This is just a fraction of brushes I own. Some of the most affordable brushes I recommend are:


Real Techniques Starter Kit $17.99
eco tools 1

EcoTools Bamboo Bronzer Brush $11.99
makeup geek

Makeup Geek Brush (Foundation Stippling Brush) $17.99
crown brush

Deluxe Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet $6.99


Friday Favorites November 26

Hey Hey! Hope everyone had a great Holiday! Over the past few weeks during my silence from the blog I’ve collected some great things I need to share:

ff 11-21-14

1.) Pink Sugar Perfume This scent is very sweet and reminds me of vanilla. While wearing this perfume I’ve been told I smell like cotton candy, cake, cinnamon, and a lot of other sweet things. My major perfume annoyance is when a scent does not last long. I’d like to be able to smell it here and there throughout the day, but not too over powering. Pink Sugar is very light and does last quite a long time.

2.) While doing a little retail therapy I saw this Guess coat at Bonton. I was looking for a dressy warmer coat rather then wear my puffy down coat all winter long again. The coat’s quality is exceptional and the fit is very flattering. It is hard to notice in the photograph, but the shoulders have a patch of fake leather on each.

3.) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation Still on my quest to achieve the perfect highlight and contour make up routine, I decided I was going to try to use a darker foundation for the contour color instead of powder. I already use one of the age rewind products as an under eye highlighter and am happy with the application, consistency, and price of the product. I’m not sure how long a full face of this foundation would last, but I can attest that it works well the way I use it. The no-mess application is super convenient!

4.) Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow in Vintage Plum I wrote about these cream shadows several times. Just when I think I have all of the colors I’d use I’ll see an different color at another store. Whenever I stop in at a drug store I just like to browse the beauty products because they all stock different products and shades. One of my favorite palettes is the Boudoir Shadows by Too Faced. As you can see the palette incorporates different shades of purple and cool dark grays. This cream shadow is the perfect base for this palette. While eyeshadow primers are okay, I have found that using a color cream base actually provides a deeper intense color and lasts longer.

5.) Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in Mandarin I’m not sure why this shadow is described as a “gel powder” because it is no different then a typical eye shadow. Milani’s website describes it as a “light orange satin matte.” Again, this was another drug store purchase that I am very pleased with. I was looking for a shadow that was slightly orange but not over the top. My goal was to keep a natural look but add a tiny bit of color in there. I like to pair this with a deep brow in the corners of my eyes and place the orange just on my lids.

Not your typical Friday Favorites

THE (2)

Rather then discussing some of my favorite products/items I’ve been into; I wanted to share that I got my first Fortune Cookie Soap Box yesterday! I signed up for this back in August and have been patiently waiting the past few months to receive it. For those of you who are not familiar with it, it ships quarterly. There is usually a spring, summer, fall, and holiday theme. The box is $20, but you definitely receive a substantial amount of product! This holiday theme is based off of the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation movie. It just so happens that this is one of my favorite holiday movies to watch!

I did sample a few products to give an overall opinion of the box.

The black container on the upper left is the “Moose Mug” cuticle butter. It is ultra creamy, not greasy, and absorbs well into your cuticles. On top of that it smells absolutely delicious like eggnog and nutmeg.

Next is the “Mele Kelekimaka” hand sanitizer. I’m really not a huge fan of hand sanitizers and when I applied this one it smelled like I was pouring alcohol straight into my hands. Once this sanitizer evaporated, it did leave a pleasant “tropical” scent.

The white container is filled with deep conditioner and is this boxes “mystery fragrance.” Fortune Cookie offers a $50 gift card for anyone who can guess the correct scent. I’m going with sugar cookie, but regardless I cannot wait to try this stuff out! Hopefully it leaves my hair smelling as good as it does in the jar.

The bar wrapped in foil is a shower steamer. This is the first time I’ve heard of something like this. Apparently you just drop it in the tub as you take a shower. I love taking baths and soaking in bath salts and bombs (side note why can’t we have a Lush in Allentown?) so I’m also excited to try it out. This particular shower steamer smells like fresh cut trees and mint.

“Jello Surprise” is a whipped cream moisturizer that’s smell is described as strawberries, vanilla sugar, and sticky syrup with a squeeze of orange. I sampled this last night and again it was not greasy, very thick, and absorbed quickly into my skin. I’d compare to the smell to “Juniper Breeze” that Bath & Body Works smells.

“Fried Pussycat” is a whipped soap that I have not tried yet. Like everything else in this soap box it smells delicious!

Of course last, but not least is the cute fortune cookie shaped soap. Although the scent is described as sweet almond with warm swirls of tobacco, I think it smells more like apple cinnamon.

As a subscriber of Ipsy and Birchbox, Fortune Cookie Soap box is by far the best box I’ve gotten yet! I definitely recommend signing up and getting at least one box to try out!