2014 Fall Boots! So many choices!

With money and time constraints I haven’t been able to shop for clothing or shoes during my favorite time of the year. I LOVE fall. I want all the pumpkin things. I’m the type of person that eats pumpkin muffins while drinking a pumpkin coffee contemplating getting a Starbucks pumpkin frappe later, all while burning a pumpkin scented candle and smothering myself in pumpkin scented lotion. What can I say? I’m a pumpkin addict. Oh yea, AND the pumpkin scones from Starbucks are also pretty amazing. I haven’t had one yet this year so I need to get on that. Anyway, my favorite things to buy during fall are sweaters and sweatshirts. Not to mention, I prefer the darker tones of burgundy, gray, and black in comparison to the bright summery colors.

Right now, my mission is to find a pair of boots. I have a picture of what I’d like to purchase set in my mind. There is also a pair of boots that fit this vision of mine perfectly. The problem is they are $500. I can’t justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes. It all comes down to you get what you pay for. My most expensive shoe purchase was probably a pair of Ugg boots, that are still in great condition, but that was even hard to justify spending $200 or so. I’d like to keep this purchase in the $50 to $80 price range. Rather then cart the Husband around to dozens of stores to search for the perfect boot, I’m doing some searching online first.

Here are some that I am loving right now..

Fall boots

See my Pinterest board for pricing and information on where to buy.



Friday Favorites September 19th


1. OPI Nail Polish in Lucky Lucky Lavender In my opinion, this color looks more like a darker pink rather then lavender. When I picked it up I thought it looked like a bubble gum pink. After applying a few coats it is a shade or two darker then bubble gum pink. With my favorite combination of  Gelous Nail Gel Base Coat and Seche Vite Top Coat, I was able to keep this polish on for almost an entire week!

2. Alba Botanica Even Advanced Deep Sea Facial Mask I randomly picked this up at Target a few weeks ago on a quest to try inexpensive face masks. This one in particular is supposed to aid in evening out skin-tones. The texture is thick and creamy, but just a small amount goes a long way. I put a thing layer on around my face and waited until it dried (about 10 minutes) to wash off. Immediately, I felt a tingly sensation on my skin once it was applied. Since it is not a typical face cleanser, I used a warm wash cloth to wipe it off my face. It left my skin feeling clean and very soft. After a few uses I have not had a problem yet with break outs from using this product. This product is $6 at Target and definitely worth trying.

3. Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder After running out of this powder that I’ve been lucky enough to use one jar in the course of 5 years, I was so hesitant to buy it because of it’s $34 price tag. It worked wonderfully, but I still wanted to try to find something a bit cheaper. I purchased Elf’s High Def. Powder for $6 at Target. The results weren’t very favorable as I felt like I was applying talcum powder to my face. Rather then setting in, this stuff just laid on my skin and made my face appear white. I didn’t use anymore then I did with the MUFE powder. So, I just bit the bullet and picked up MUFE HD powder. Again, this is a case of “you get what you pay for.” On the Elf site their powder gets great reviews but, it just didn’t work well with my skin.

4. Stories Seldom Fold Boot from Modcloth Although I do not own a pair of these fold over boots, I LOVE the look of them. Modcloth has several different styles and different colors but, they do not carry something similar in black. With fall steadily approaching I need to start searching for a reasonably priced boot.

5. Things I’ve Learned from Dying The topic of this book is rather somber and although I am not finished with it yet, I can easily tell that it will be one of those books that will stay with me forever. This book is non-fiction and written by David Dow, a Texas state defense attorney. In this particular book, he is defending an inmate who is on death row. His goal is to keep this man alive. Dow incorporates this case along with his father in law who is dying of cancer and his dog who eventually also passes. As the title suggests, this book is about the journey that Dow takes through the deaths of those around him. Originally, I was not sure if I wanted to read this book because it sounded so heart wrenching. So far, the book has included some sullen moments but Dow’s writing is rather witty, which keeps the readers emotions at an even key. As I delve further into the book I am sure it will pull on my heart strings a bit more. The reality of it is dying is a natural part of life. Books like this teach us how appreciative we should be for our own lives and the lives of others we care about. What you have today may be gone tomorrow.


Friday Favorites September 5

Guess what?!

Tomorrow is my birthday! Hopefully right now I’m still asleep spending the day relaxing. Tomorrow night we have reservations for a yummy dinner at Emeril’s Italian Table. The Eggplant Parm is amazing. Without further a due here are this week’s favs…


1.) This Ulta Blender Sponge I learned applying make up by trial and error. My first tool of the trade was my fingers. Next, I graduated to those foamy sponges, and for awhile I just used the puff pads. I started wearing MAC liquid foundation and moved on up to a brush. Out of all of these methods, the brush provided the most smooth lasting coverage. UNTIL I tried this blender thingy. I saw it over and over again at Sephora and refused to pay $18 for it. On a trip to Ulta my husband I insisted I try it because it was only $5. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe what a different it makes with make up application.

2.) Target High Waist Flare Jeans Flares Flare jeans became popular while I was in junior high school and I’ve been a fan ever since. HOWEVER I don’t do low rise. My hips are large and any item of clothing that goes lower then my navel instantly creates a muffin top. I have a hard time finding jeans with my body type. I’ve been wearing a pair of Tilt jeans for like 5 years now that have fit me on again and off again. Right now, it’s an off again period. I gained a little weight (maybe 5lbs or so) and the jeans no longer fit as well as they should. When I saw these at target I had to try them on. I love the faded color and the fact that they are “high waist.”

I felt they were flattering, the high waist was perfect to cover up that little bit of extra bulge and they are a bit stretchy. Jean problem solved!

3.) Naked 2 Basics Palette Everyone is raving about this thing and yes, it is that awesome! I love that the colors are matte. I own both the Naked and Naked 3 palette an both have a lot of shimmery colors included. I work in an office and try to usually stay toned down. Plus, I’m lazy in the morning and don’t feel like going all out on my make up. If you like neutral matte colors, definitely pick this up!

4.) The Simpsons Powder Blush in Sideshow You. I grew up watching the Simpsons and love that MAC paid homage and came out with a special collection. The eye and lip colors were a little too bold for me so I opted on the coral blush. The packaging is adorable and the blush is beautiful. One of my favorite blushes is Orgasm by NARs but I find that to be too sparkly. Sideshow You reminds me of it but it is more matte. If you are a Simpson fan, definitely pick up something from this collection!

5.) NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in STRAWBERRY JAM Am I the last to know that Target now sells NYX products? I am pretty much at target every other day and have never noticed them before. I love love LOVE these lip creams. The colors are super sheer and not sticky. Strawberry Jam in particular leaves a pink neutral hue on your lips. It’s very subtle but pretty. I think these are about $4.50 each. Try one, seriously.

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Friday Favorites August 29

I can’t believe that August is already over! I’m still hating the weather as the temperature is still in the high 80’s and 90’s. Fall and Halloween cannot come soon enough! Art History class tied me up this past month, so I’ve been neglecting blogging. My September goal is to work out a schedule and stick to it. Anyway on to the fun stuff:


1.) OPI Tickle my France-y This is probably the first OPI nail polish I’ve purchased in the last two years. I’ve been hung up on Essie because of their unique selection of colors. In the bottle this color, looks like a mix between nude and mauve. Once it is applied and dries, I’d describe it as a mauve/nude/lilac color. It’s perfect as an end of summer transition into fall color.

2.) Milani Lip Liner 03 Nude & Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color 902 C Bare It All I can’t take credit from this combination because I read about it somewhere online. It is comparable to the “Kylie Jenner Lip” darker nude shade. In the 90’s I already rocked this shade with the lip liner, so this is NOT a new thing to me! Anyway, for under $10 you can pick both of these up at a drug store. The color combo goes great with any skin tone.

3.) Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been reading this book! Thanks to school I do not get much free time to read. This book is a cross over between Xmen sprinkled with some Harry Potter. What first drew me to this book at Barnes and Nobles was the strange photographs inside the book. They include a girl levitating, one holding a fire ball, and a person with a mouth on the back of their head. It turns out most of these photographs are actually real! Of course some of them are doctored up, but it is still fascinating.

The story follows a young man who is grieving over the sudden death of his Grandfather. He grew up listening to his Grandfather’s stories about his life when he was younger. The tales were all very far fetched, so the young man assumes they are just fairy-tales. Once his Grandfather passes, he begins to have some strange experiences of his own.

Although I do not often read fiction, I found this book to be quite enjoyable. It is a fast read and appropriate for children as well. There is also a sequel that I will begin reading next.

4.) Kimono I love this. I do not actually own it, because I have no idea what I could pair it with. It’s too casual for work and when I’m not working I’m wearing pj’s. So, as much as I adore it, mostly like it woulf sit in the back of my closet.

5.) Batiste Dry Shampoo This stuff is amazing! I’ve tried high end dry shampoos before and hated them. Over the past several years I’ve gone from washing my hair daily to about 3 times per week.  In between washings I like to use this stuff as it is a light refresher. It does not cause a build up or leave a powdery residue. The best part is that it is super cheap!


REMINDER: MAC Cosmetics now has their Simpson line available for purchase on their website. As with all the special collections they are bound to sell out fast!



Friday Favorites August 8th


1.) Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo I received a sample of this shampoo and conditioner from Sephora. I had mentioned in a previous post that I have never actually tried a bumble and bumble product but was dying to try one. After using the combination of this invisible oil shampoo and conditioner once, my hair felt incredibly smooth and soft! I barely had to work the shampoo into my scalp before it started lathering! Since I have longer hair I find that I have difficulty with finding a shampoo that lathers easily.

2.) Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots As fall approaches I need to start finding warmer pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. Last winter on the East Coast was brutal and I’d rather have a few pairs of nice boots to wear instead of heels.Since these boots are a chunky with a rubber platform I’d assume they’d be more comfortable and easier to get around in if it is slippery out. I plan to mostly wear dark leggings/tights this fall to work with dresses so these boots would be perfect. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find something similar to these made in the US. If all else fails I will purchase them from this site.

3.) Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection I bought this palette specifically to take to Vegas with me when I got married. Before that I never used a Too Faced product and at that time there weren’t very many affordable neutral eye shadow palettes out there. The colors in this are absolutely perfect for different neutral eye looks. You can do something really basic or glam it up. I have two other palette sets by Too Faced, Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy and Romantic Eye Classic Beauty. They also just released Country Nashville Nudes, which I plan to purchase in the near future. Too Faced shadows are moderately pigmented and blend well with each other and other shadows. Even though Too Faced provides “how-to” cards with looks I always find myself mixing and matching colors from all of their palettes!

4.) More Super-Cute Chibis to Draw and Paint I got this book a year or so ago and then stumbled on the “more” book yesterday at Barnes and Noble. While my artwork isn’t really a chibi style, I still get great inspiration from these books. Both books include “how-to” instructions on turning any type of drawing into chibi style. The “more” book also provides some good techniques on water coloring. I’ve used watercolors in the past, but working with them is very tricky. This book just gives a few basic beginner tips that I plan to try out.

5.) Target Junior’s Maxi Dress Vintage Rose Despite looking incredibly comfy, I have never owned a maxi dress. In my own mind, I felt that since I had a curvy figure with larger hips, the shape would be really unflattering on my body type. When I saw this dress at Target I knew that I had to at least try it on. The fabric at the top is thin while the skirt and liner are a bit heavy. It may be too hot to wear yet, but I think it is a great transition piece into fall. Since the skirt fabric is heavy, I believe the dress could be worn on cooler days with a cardigan. Target has always had great clothing, but sometimes they are cheaply made and only last a few washings. Hopefully this dress will last! I love it!