Friday Favorites October 24th


1.) Simply Vera Vera Wang Print Shift Dress This past weekend I needed to do a little shopping for some fall/winter appropriate work attire. I find that Ross, Marshall’s, and Kohl’s always have something decent and reasonably priced. One of my favorites is this Vera Wang dress. The quality of the material is superb as it is silky but still heavier to keep you warm during the season. The sleeves have a strip of sheer fabric running from the wrist to the shoulder. In my opinion tie waists are very unflattering on my body type so, I paired it with a thin light brown belt that I placed just above my waist. (One day I’ll get around to taking outfit photos)

2.) Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding Candle Do you like Bananas? Do you like Banana Bread? Do you just like things that smell like yummy food that are inedible, but they smell so amazing you want to eat them anyway? THEN BUY THIS. Bath & Body Works always has great deals going on and hand out coupons practically every time you buy something.

3.) BCBGeneration “Anders” High Wedge Booties I need these boots. At first I thought they’d be a bit too much with all the buckles and zippers but after wearing my other black boots to work day in and out I need something with a little more flare. I’m waiting for them to go on sale…tomorrow.

4.) Merona Women’s Knee High Socks (Target) My favorite look right now to go along with fall/winter dress is the legging/sock/boot combo:


Target sells really supper cute knee socks for $3 a pair and then ones that are a bit more fancy (like the ones pictured in my post.) By fancy I mean they are ribbed and have adorable little buttons. Anyway they have an awesome variety of colors and patterns. I may purchase some leg warmers for later this winter, but for right now this is a good substitution.

5.) Lena Dunham’s Memoir-ish ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ You either have to love or hate Lena, there is no in-between. In my opinion she is so incredibly talented and real. I watched her movie “Tiny Apartments” a long time ago and thought that it was meh. It wasn’t bad, it held my attention, but was still very dry. Then I check out the HBO show “Girls.” After a few episodes I was hooked. There are times that I sit there and wonder “why am I watching this?”  Yet, I find the interaction between the characters and dialogue hysterical.

Like the show, the book is a bit raunchy at times, funny, serious, and even sad. The book is made up of short essay’s on Lena’s life experiences. Like Lena, I too have had some bizarre experiences throughout the past 32 years. Most of them I would not share with anyone let alone publish them in a book.  Yet, after reading about her experiences I feel a little less embarrassed about my own. Lena is brave and empowering. Her honesty and confidence make me re-evaluate my own insecurities.


Friday Favorites September 26

Here we are at the very last Friday in September! I think I may be revamping my blog and changing up the colors a bit sometime… that is when I have time. I tried something a little different this week with my favorites as well. Believe it or not, finding 5 things you really love each week is really hard. Sometimes I lay awake at night digging deep into my subconscious to try to figure out great products to post. I wish I could go out every week and buy something new to test out, but like every other average person, I have to watch my spending. Besides that I’d take a Pumpkin Latte over a new lipstick any day!


ff1.) Hikari Lipstick in Cabernet This dark berry lipstick was included in my monthly Ipsy bag. The shade is a tad too dark but, goes well with the darker shades of the fall seasons. I applied the color on before work one morning and it lasted a few hours before fading out. To extend the life of lipstick I recommend getting a nude or similar shade lip pencil to the lipstick you are wear, line, and fill in your lips. This allows the lipstick to bond to your lips more and stay in place. Also, don’t forget to blot! Forgo the expensive liners and go pick up wet n wild, rimmel, or any other cheap drugstore brand. Here is a photo of me from this morning with the lipstick on:

me edit 1

2.) Chinese Laundry Boots Yes, I finally decided on a pair! These came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited to wear them to work today. Unfortunately, the wacky Pennsylvania weather put a kibosh on that when the temperatures were supposed to go up into the 80’s today. I tried them on last night though with my black leggings and they are exactly what I was looking for. Eventually, I’ll be purchasing a different style as DSW conveniently sent me a coupon along with my order.

3.) Modcloth’s I love your dress in Olive I now own all three colors of this style dress. This olive one in particular is another great staple for a fall wardrobe. Once the cooler temperatures hit I plan to pair it with a black cardigan, black leggings, and boots. As I already said before, the fabric is very comfortable and flattering.

4.)  OPI Lost on Lombard Nail Polish This was a suggested purchase by the Husband. Although judging from the bottle I thought I had several similar colors, I was pleasantly surprised when I applied it. The shade is basically a muted burgundy and very classy. If you are looking for a darker burgundy, but want to avoid using a blood red color, this is perfect.




2014 Fall Boots! So many choices!

With money and time constraints I haven’t been able to shop for clothing or shoes during my favorite time of the year. I LOVE fall. I want all the pumpkin things. I’m the type of person that eats pumpkin muffins while drinking a pumpkin coffee contemplating getting a Starbucks pumpkin frappe later, all while burning a pumpkin scented candle and smothering myself in pumpkin scented lotion. What can I say? I’m a pumpkin addict. Oh yea, AND the pumpkin scones from Starbucks are also pretty amazing. I haven’t had one yet this year so I need to get on that. Anyway, my favorite things to buy during fall are sweaters and sweatshirts. Not to mention, I prefer the darker tones of burgundy, gray, and black in comparison to the bright summery colors.

Right now, my mission is to find a pair of boots. I have a picture of what I’d like to purchase set in my mind. There is also a pair of boots that fit this vision of mine perfectly. The problem is they are $500. I can’t justify spending that much money on a pair of shoes. It all comes down to you get what you pay for. My most expensive shoe purchase was probably a pair of Ugg boots, that are still in great condition, but that was even hard to justify spending $200 or so. I’d like to keep this purchase in the $50 to $80 price range. Rather then cart the Husband around to dozens of stores to search for the perfect boot, I’m doing some searching online first.

Here are some that I am loving right now..

Fall boots

See my Pinterest board for pricing and information on where to buy.



Friday Favorites August 8th


1.) Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Shampoo I received a sample of this shampoo and conditioner from Sephora. I had mentioned in a previous post that I have never actually tried a bumble and bumble product but was dying to try one. After using the combination of this invisible oil shampoo and conditioner once, my hair felt incredibly smooth and soft! I barely had to work the shampoo into my scalp before it started lathering! Since I have longer hair I find that I have difficulty with finding a shampoo that lathers easily.

2.) Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots As fall approaches I need to start finding warmer pieces to incorporate into my wardrobe. Last winter on the East Coast was brutal and I’d rather have a few pairs of nice boots to wear instead of heels.Since these boots are a chunky with a rubber platform I’d assume they’d be more comfortable and easier to get around in if it is slippery out. I plan to mostly wear dark leggings/tights this fall to work with dresses so these boots would be perfect. I’ve been scouring the internet trying to find something similar to these made in the US. If all else fails I will purchase them from this site.

3.) Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection I bought this palette specifically to take to Vegas with me when I got married. Before that I never used a Too Faced product and at that time there weren’t very many affordable neutral eye shadow palettes out there. The colors in this are absolutely perfect for different neutral eye looks. You can do something really basic or glam it up. I have two other palette sets by Too Faced, Boudoir Eyes Soft & Sexy and Romantic Eye Classic Beauty. They also just released Country Nashville Nudes, which I plan to purchase in the near future. Too Faced shadows are moderately pigmented and blend well with each other and other shadows. Even though Too Faced provides “how-to” cards with looks I always find myself mixing and matching colors from all of their palettes!

4.) More Super-Cute Chibis to Draw and Paint I got this book a year or so ago and then stumbled on the “more” book yesterday at Barnes and Noble. While my artwork isn’t really a chibi style, I still get great inspiration from these books. Both books include “how-to” instructions on turning any type of drawing into chibi style. The “more” book also provides some good techniques on water coloring. I’ve used watercolors in the past, but working with them is very tricky. This book just gives a few basic beginner tips that I plan to try out.

5.) Target Junior’s Maxi Dress Vintage Rose Despite looking incredibly comfy, I have never owned a maxi dress. In my own mind, I felt that since I had a curvy figure with larger hips, the shape would be really unflattering on my body type. When I saw this dress at Target I knew that I had to at least try it on. The fabric at the top is thin while the skirt and liner are a bit heavy. It may be too hot to wear yet, but I think it is a great transition piece into fall. Since the skirt fabric is heavy, I believe the dress could be worn on cooler days with a cardigan. Target has always had great clothing, but sometimes they are cheaply made and only last a few washings. Hopefully this dress will last! I love it!