Design Tip Tuesday – Where to get free fonts, graphics, & other design assets


It’s been forever and ever since I posted some design tips on the blog. I’ve learned so many little tips throughout the past year while taking classes that I really want to share and believe any blogger could benefit from!

If you don’t have the software or experience to design pretty graphics, fonts,themes, etc. look no further! Check out the Creative Market website. Creative Market is a website that offers thousands of design assets created by talented designers all over the world. Since most of the Designers are independent, they do charge a small fee to download their designs. Although, each week Creative Market offers a variety of amazing freebie downloads.

I’ve downloaded some freebies and paid for a few fonts and themes. Every Designer that I have dealt with was great and some even offered more of their designs for free after I purchased a set.

Take a look at some of the designs featured on the site:









Bonjour! Typeface with Extras by Nicky Laatz










 Watercolour Tribe&Flower DIY+Bonus by Graphic Box


Marema Typeface by AF Studio – Free this week!


“Wonderland” Fortune Cookie Soap Box Review

fortunecookiesoapreviewgraphicI know we are doing quite a bit of back tracking here, but I’ve been MIA for nearly a month. If you want to know why, read this post. Otherwise, on to the review…

fortune cookie soap alice

When I found out that the theme for the Fortune Cookie Soap box was Alice in Wonderland I was beyond excited. After receiving my box, I must admit I was a bit disappointed. As you can see for $20 you get your money’s worth of samples. I was not very fond of this box because most of the products have an overpowering flowery scent. Usually I prefer more spicy incense like smells or ones that smell like baked goods. I mean who does not want to smell like a cupcake all day long? From this box my favorite item is definitely the little satchel of incense. The specific scent is called “who are you?” and smells very clean and fresh.

Not pictured is a sample of “Almost Alice” bath infusion tea. This product came in a little tea bag and is dropped into the bath tub. This was a fun alternative to a typical bath bomb and didn’t leave much residue after draining the water.

The rest of the products I’ve sampled, but again are not anything to rave about. The small bottles of product are good for traveling, which is what I will end up using the rest for.

If you are interested go here to sign up for the Summer Box. Here is a link to more of the “Wonderland” collection products.


Where I’ve been for the past month

When I decided to start blogging my goal was to commit to at least one post a week and to visit my Followers sites to comment and support them. Unfortunately, with the class that I was taking last month it was virtually impossible. This particular class, Digital Story Boarding, was very demanding. The assignments took days and hours. It was incredibly frustrating and the first time since I started school that I seriously considered stopping. I felt like a machine and drawing wasn’t fun anymore. I pushed myself with the help of my Husband and made it through. Yesterday was the start of my next class, which seems like the work load is very light. Next month I’ll actually have 2 classes at the same time, so perhaps it is a break.

I thought I’d share my work throughout this past month.

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New York Trip

I’m back! Last weekend we went to New York City for a late Valentine’s Day getaway and it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

I’m certain that it was probably the worst time of year to go to NYC and plan to walk around. It was so incredibly cold it was actually painful. Besides that neither my Husband or I have a good sense of direction. So, we relied on Google Maps to help us get from place to place. That was a mistake! We’d walk in one direction following the map and then it would switch back to the direction we just came from. I think we spent more time trying to find our way around then we did at our actual destination. On the way to the Guggenheim museum Google Maps lead us on a round about way through Central Park.

Untitled-1This was my very first time seeing Central Park and although it looks very pretty with the snow, it was freezing.


My Husband looking like an Eskimo.

When we finally arrived at the Guggenheim Museum we were too cold to even take photos outside like we planned.


I did get a few inside shots. We studied this museum in Art History class, so it was something that both of us wanted to go see. Unfortunately, it was a little bit disappointing because we were under the assumption all of the floors had different paintings or artwork. It turns out that they were featuring an exhibit called, On Kawara-Silence. It was incredibly disappointing. However, we did get to see a Monet and Picasso.

Our adventure continued onto the Natural History Museum. Then we met some friends and had some amazing Thai food!

We went to see Hedwig and the Angry Itch on Broadway. Mainly because “Dexter” had the lead roll that night.


Of course we had to stop at Lush since there isn’t one locally where I live.


Overall the trip was good besides the frustrations of walking around getting lost and trying to figure out the subway system!


Friday Favorites Valentine’s Day Edition


Tomorrow is a day that is dreaded by some and loved by many. The retail industry rakes in a boatload of money from candy, stuffed animals, and jewelry each year for V-day. Although it is over commercialized, I love Valentine’s Day. Not because I’m all squishy loving love, but I adore the combination of red and pink together. Everything from pizza to donuts can be bought in a heart shape. Can food get any cuter?

I complied a little list of a few of my favorite products for Valentine’s Day. Usually my Husband and I stay low key and go out on another night to avoid the crowds. I’m not really one to get all dressed up regardless. This year we decided to go to New York City for a few days next week and visit some museums and friends up there. I can’t wait! Anyway on the favs…

Essie Nail Polish in Play Date My new favorite Essie polish! Once applied this color is just as vibrant as it appears in the bottle. This pastel-ish purple is such a pretty color for the slowly approaching spring.

Too Faced Sweethearts Blush in Very Berry This blush is bright and really pigmented. A little bit goes a long way for those of you who have paler complexions. Candy Glow and Peach Beach are two other color options. The Candy Glow color is probably better suited for pale skin tones while Peach Beach appears to have more of a shimmery bronze tone. This blush is pricey, but Too Faced products have not disappointed me yet! The packaging itself is adorable.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Russian Red This is the classic movie star red lipstick. Generally I am not a lipstick person, but I was going for a pin up look when I got married and picked up this color after it was highly recommended to me. I paired it with some cheap Rimmel lip liner and it looked amazing.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume My all time favorite perfume, Euphoria is a light floral musk fragrance. The smell lasts all day, but is not overpowering. Next time you are out stop and try a sample of this! You have to smell it to understand my love for it!

I may be late to the party, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear MAC is releasing a Cinderella Collection!





It is available starting February 26th on their website. I feel the packaging is a little bit plain, but I suppose it fits well with the product colors. I love the feminine earth tones and am specifically looking at purchasing the beauty powder and maybe a lipstick!

Have a Happy V-Day!