New York Trip

I’m back! Last weekend we went to New York City for a late Valentine’s Day getaway and it has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things.

I’m certain that it was probably the worst time of year to go to NYC and plan to walk around. It was so incredibly cold it was actually painful. Besides that neither my Husband or I have a good sense of direction. So, we relied on Google Maps to help us get from place to place. That was a mistake! We’d walk in one direction following the map and then it would switch back to the direction we just came from. I think we spent more time trying to find our way around then we did at our actual destination. On the way to the Guggenheim museum Google Maps lead us on a round about way through Central Park.

Untitled-1This was my very first time seeing Central Park and although it looks very pretty with the snow, it was freezing.


My Husband looking like an Eskimo.

When we finally arrived at the Guggenheim Museum we were too cold to even take photos outside like we planned.


I did get a few inside shots. We studied this museum in Art History class, so it was something that both of us wanted to go see. Unfortunately, it was a little bit disappointing because we were under the assumption all of the floors had different paintings or artwork. It turns out that they were featuring an exhibit called, On Kawara-Silence. It was incredibly disappointing. However, we did get to see a Monet and Picasso.

Our adventure continued onto the Natural History Museum. Then we met some friends and had some amazing Thai food!

We went to see Hedwig and the Angry Itch on Broadway. Mainly because “Dexter” had the lead roll that night.


Of course we had to stop at Lush since there isn’t one locally where I live.


Overall the trip was good besides the frustrations of walking around getting lost and trying to figure out the subway system!



I don’t eat anything with a face


This post was inspired by a post Jillian from How to Be Myself wrote regarding one of the top questions vegetarians are asked, “What do you eat?” Every time I hear this question I roll my eyes and recite the same response I give to everyone, “I don’t eat anything with a face.”

For the past five years I’ve been a vegetarian. My decision to go down this road was based on the fact that I just never really liked meat. I ate it because it was convenient. Every meal is usually based around some kind of meat being the main course with a few veggies as a side dish. On Thanksgiving I’d fill my plate with brussel sprouts (I LOVE them), broccoli, carrots, mashed potatoes, and of course stuffing. Have you ever been involved in the process of cooking a turkey? The thought of reaching up inside the turkey to pull out the heart, giblets, neck, and other body parts I’d never like to see, makes me nauseous. On top of that, my family used to make a separate batch of stuffing including some of those internal organs.

When I was about 5 years old my Mother worked at a meat processing plant. For some reason I went to work with her one day and was escorted through part of it. Although my Mother tried to cover my eyes, I still peeked and saw headless turkeys hung by a hook, moving down a conveyor belt like they were in a conga line.

Anyway, quitting meat is probably one of the best health choices I have made. I no longer eat fast food because many of the restaurants do not have vegetarian options. When I do go out to eat I look up the menu before hand to make sure there is something I can eat. Otherwise, I just order food without the meat. Being a vegetarian has forced me to make better food choices as well. I’ll pass on the burger and fries for a salad. Vegetables are my main course and yes, I get plenty of protein. One of my favorite meals is portobello mushroom cheese steaks. Black beans are a favorite too! Did you know you can make a cake with them? On occasion I’ll eat a meat substitute like a veggie burger or ‘chicken’ nuggets. Fake meats are highly processed so, it is best to stay away from them. Being a vegetarian has also opened up my creative side when it comes to cooking. I’ve been introduced to new cuisines I may have never tried like Thai food.

Do I miss eating meat? Nope, not at all. The only downside I’ve faced while being a vegetarian is feeling like an inconvenience to those that do eat meat. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We can’t eat there because Jamie doesn’t eat meat.” It seems to me meat eaters have more issues with those who choose not to eat meat then vice versa. The bottom line is that most vegetarians eat the same things carnivores eat, just without meat!


Best of 2014

Is it too late to post a “Best of” list for 2014? It was so hard to get up on Monday and go back to work for a full week as well as start another class at school. Getting up and out of bed the past few days have been a challenge. It is freezing here in Pennsylvania and no matter how many layers you wear, going outside is literally painful.  Anyway, here are my favorites from last year.


DressModCloth I love your dress I love these dresses so much that I have one in 3 colors. ModCloth just released two new colors Burgundy and Cobalt. The Burgundy keeps going out of stock, but I was lucky enough to order one earlier today. The dress is very versatile and can be worn in spring, summer, and fall. Although the fabric is thin, I still am wearing it this winter. Heavier tights, sweater, and boots make it work.

Boots – G by GUESS Gadget Bootie In the beginning of fall I looked everywhere for a good pair of black booties. I now have 3 pairs and these by far have been my favorite. They are comfortable and actually warm. It looks like DSW is almost sold out online though.

Lip GlossL’Oreal Colour Riche Balm & NYX xtreme lip cream Both of these products are incredibly affordable, which is why I have several and always keep one of each in my purse. I prefer these over lipstick when I’m at work or just doing something casual.

NailsGelous Nail Gel This isn’t really much of a substitute for gel polish. It removes just like regular polish but, does seem to keep it from chipping right away. I think it also keeps my nails a little stronger.

Skinboscia Purifying Cleansing Gel I added this to my skin care routine later this year after experiencing several break outs. After using it nightly for a few weeks I did see an improvement in my skin and will purchase it again. The price is a bit high but, it is very gentle on sensitive skin and a bottle will last you a few months.

BookNot That Kind of Girl by Leena Dunham In 2014 I really got into the Girls show and once I heard Leena was releasing a book anxiously waited for the release date. The book was incredibly entertaining up until the end. I enjoy Leena’s raw, gritty, truthfulness and the fact that she is so comfortable and confident with herself.

PaletteToo Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette Also high up on my list of favorites is Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 Both of these palettes offer high quality shadows in neutral colors that can easily be toned down or vamped up. I picked the Chocolate Bar palette over Naked Basics 2 because I just cannot get over the fact how amazing it smells when you open it up.

Thanks to everyone who posted a favorites list, I have several products on my 2015 list to purchase!


Goodbye 2014!

First things first, I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions. Throughout the years I’ve attempted all of the typical resolutions people make at the beginning of a new year. I vowed to lose weight, stop swearing, and even eliminate my daily $4 latte. I have failed miserably at any resolution I’ve ever made. So even though the new year brings the sense of a “fresh start,” the truth is you can start over again at any time.

The start of a new year is an excellent way to motivate oneself and create goals, but I believe we should also look back on the past year and recognize all of the things we have accomplished.

Personally, I have accomplished several things within the past year that I never expected. After 13 years I decided to go back to college and have been taking classes in an accelerated program in addition to working a full time job. I will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in 2016.  It’s been stressful and difficult, but I’ve managed to maintain a 4.0! In addition to that got my first actual client requesting a logo design. In between all that craziness I managed to finish a bunch of illustrations and work on my techniques. I started this blog, never thinking I’d have 20 followers let alone a little bit over 100! Those are just a few of the major accomplishments I’ve obtained over the past year. So, what is in store for 2015? I really have no idea. Life just seems to work out better for me when I don’t have a plan.

So, goodbye 2014, thank you for the good times and bad, the challenges presented, the goals that were achieved as well the ones lost, for the lessons learned, the amazing opportunities, and all of the precious moments you brought!





Christmas Things

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday! Mine was calm and relaxing, thankfully. It was filled with tons of yummy food like my fancy Christmas morning breakfast of orange cranberry french toast with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

xmas 1

I also got some wonderful gifts from my Husband:

xmas presents

Kindle Paperlight – I never really planned on getting a kindle because any digital reading I did, I used my iPad. Now that I have been using my iPad to draw on I am slowly running out of space. I love the convenience of the Paperlight because it is so compact that I can stick it in my purse and carry it anywhere. The screen is so crisp it is almost as if I’m reading an actual book. I love the automatic anti-glare light adjustment feature as well. If you are a big reader, I definitely recommend one since they really are so affordable now.

Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus 2 – I have the first version of this stylus which has more of a rubbery thick tip. Although, it is pretty precise I wanted to try out the new version since the tip allows more intricate details. Unfortunately, this stylus is only compatible with a few iPad drawing programs. Right now I use ArtStudio, but I will be transitioning over to Procreate slowly. Everyone seems to love that program, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it!

Carnival Coloring Book – I saw this at Barnes and Nobles and fell in love with the artwork. I plan to use to for inspiration rather then an actual coloring book.

The Book of Hearts – Another pretty book I found with different illustrations of hearts that are anatomical designs as well as typical heart shapes.

Pusheen the Cat 2015 Wall Calendar – Do I even need to explain why I got this? Pusheen is the most adorable cat character and I’ll get to see his cute face hanging up at work everyday in 2015.

Christmas Eve we visited Lights in the Parkway, which is a big display of lights throughout one of the parks here in PA. It is beautifully done and here is a short video of it:

I hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday! I’m thankful this week is another short one for me because I took off for New Years.

I’m excited to see everyone’s posts of gifts they received! If you made a Holiday post leave your link in a comment so I can check it out!