Blogmas Day 5


I use the Holidays as an excuse to dress up my cats, and clearly they hate it.




Blogmas Day 3

BLOGMASFirst I have to mention that I just realized yesterday’s Blogmas post was titled “Day Too.” That is what happens when you try to get some blogging done late at night before bed. How embarrassing! I swear I have good grammar.

Anyway day number three is a photo of my Hello Kitty countdown to Christmas decoration. Technically we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. This year I am looking forward to a casual evening at home with my Husband and cats. As you get older you develop your own Holiday traditions whether that be with your family or the extended family and friends you’ve accumulated throughout the years. Even though it is just the two of us, I love our little family.


Blogmas Day One

j a n u a r y

Last night I was having a conversation with my Husband about how I do not commit to making New Years Resolutions. I never understood why people placed such high expectations on themselves by trying to commit to a goal that they want to accomplish for an entire year. I’m all about baby steps. For instance, I’d like to post more regularly on my blog, but I can either not find the time with school or cannot think of any really good content. Anyway, I am anticipating that this month’s school work will be very manageable and I do have a full two weeks off coming up. I decided that I am going to attempt to do Blogmas this year. Committing to 31 days of blog posts is a little intimidating, but I’m going to give it a go!

A few weeks ago my Boss bought me my first advent calendar ever! German was my elective language in school and every Holiday parents could purchase their child an advent calendar. Yet, my parents never got me one. Regardless of how terrible the chocolate tasted, I just wanted one. Then last year I found out half way through December Benefit had their own advent calendar, which I would have definitely purchased. Anyway this is a cute magnet one from Starbucks my Office Mate and I are sharing.