Friday Favorites June 30th

Konjac sponge. For months I’ve been dying to try a Konjac sponge, but kept passing it up because of the $18 price tag. I purchased one on Amazon for $5.94. The sponge is very rough when dry, but as soon as you get it wet and lather some face cleanser in there it is amazing! Normally I wash my face with my clairsonic when I want to exfoliate. If I opt for a wash rag or some other cloth my face gets irritated from daily washing. This sponge is really gentle, removes all the traces of make up that my make up remove leaves behind, and leaves my skin feeling soft. The sponge lasts about 2-3 months.

Urban Decay’s Virgin Eye Shadow This shadow is one that is included in the original Naked palette. I’ve used it so much that I hit the pan! It is similar to MAC’s Shroom shadow. I prefer this Urban Decay shadow over MAC because the product is a little more powdery and soft. $18 is pricey for one shadow, but I have not been able to find a drug store color that is similar and the same consistency.

Real Techniques Sculpting Set. Another set of affordable makeup brushes to add to the collection. Real techniques brushes are reasonably priced and decent quality. I purchased this set on Amazon for $10.94.

Blender sponge holder. I use my beauty blender the same way every day. I wet it and blend my concealer into my foundation. After I was finished, I set the blender on vanity and continued on with my make up routine. The blender always rolled around smudging makeup all over the vanity. This little holder keeps the vanity clean and my blender in one place. Plus, it is only $7.99.

AELEC Bluetooth Headphones. For $20, these Bluetooth headphones are a worthwhile investment. They are comfortable, cancel out noise, and produce a decent sound. My only compliant is that there is a lot of static and skipping when they are worn around other people who are using bluetooth headphones. Otherwise, a great deal for the price!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites June 30th

    • I agree! I have never been disappointed with any other their brushes. They hold up well too! I’ve had several for a few years now.

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