Where I’ve been for the past month

When I decided to start blogging my goal was to commit to at least one post a week and to visit my Followers sites to comment and support them. Unfortunately, with the class that I was taking last month it was virtually impossible. This particular class, Digital Story Boarding, was very demanding. The assignments took days and hours. It was incredibly frustrating and the first time since I started school that I seriously considered stopping. I felt like a machine and drawing wasn’t fun anymore. I pushed myself with the help of my Husband and made it through. Yesterday was the start of my next class, which seems like the work load is very light. Next month I’ll actually have 2 classes at the same time, so perhaps it is a break.

I thought I’d share my work throughout this past month.

Pizza Infographic Project



Illustration of the word “Reflection”


Illustration of the word “Path” done in water color and colored pencils


Package the un-packageable project (I really could use some of this to get through my week)


Illustration of the word “strong”


Personify a product (this is based on my experience every weekend morning)

PSA retold on Alcohol Awareness (taking an old fairytale or story and re-creating the characters to make a PSA announcement.)

As you can see it’s been a very busy month!


5 thoughts on “Where I’ve been for the past month

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