Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review


Typical gel manicures last a few weeks but, I don’t get them often anymore because no matter how I remove the gel, my nails get weak and brittle. Someone recommended Gelous because it is similar to gel but, removes like a regular polish. Since I bought it I have used it religiously every time I paint my nails. It does help extend the life of some polishes. I saw Sally Hansen’s new Miracle Gel product on sale at the drug store so, I decided to try to out. It claims that it is like gel polish that removes like regular polish and no light is required. This is a two step process. First, you apply the color and then the top coat. I chose the color Rosey Riviter which is an orange coral color.

The product directions indicate that you apply 2 coats of the color. For me 2 coats were not enough so I ended up doing 3. I’m not sure if it is the color I chose but even after 3 coats I didn’t think it was enough.



This is a photo of what my nails looked like after painting them. Please ignore my poorly manicured cuticles.


Here is a photo of 3 days after application. As you can see there is minimal chipping, but enough for me to want to take the polish off. When my nail polish begins to chip I have a bad habit of picking it off.

Considering the fact that you must buy two bottles of polish for about $10 each, I wouldn’t recommend this product. I was very disappointed with how sheer the color was. If it is on sale again I may try another color but, I rather spend the money on two bottles of Gelous.



2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Review

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I have thought about trying this product out but if it’s just going to chip then I won’t bother.

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