School Journey Month 4


As the final week of my fourth class wraps up, I let out a sign of relief. I am so glad this one is finally over! This month was incredibly tough for me. Before I started this Art History class, I believed that I would enjoy it. As long as it is not math, I figured I was prepared to handle anything. This class just flat out frustrated me. The workload was similar to every other class, yet I found myself stumbling through this one. Like the other classes at Full Sail, this one required a lot of writing. I don’t mind writing and I feel that I am able to write about any subject once I get into the flow. During this class I found myself typing out a few sentences, going back and deleting them, re-typing them, and after an hour or so I’d be lucky if I managed to write one paragraph. It is not that it was particularly hard, I just could not decide on what to write. My Husband said my problem is that I am looking for the right answer and in reality, there is no right answer. I agree, I believe that art is subjective. Each of us are drawn to certain things about an art piece. What I see, others may not, and vice versa.

I understand the importance of an Art History class especially when you are majoring in art. There are certain things in composition and techniques used that are great to know. I admit that I did learn some things that will benefit my career in the future, but it did not make it any more enjoyable.

It is virtually impossible to learn about the ENTIRE history of art in four weeks and actually retain that information. Somehow Full Sail is able to mush it all together. Maybe my opinion is biased, and I’d actually like the class if I had enough time to digest it all. Again, the best thing about Full Sail is the fact that the classes are so short that you only have to deal with them for a month and then move on to the next.

I’ll be more inclined to dissect the composition of a piece of art next time I visit a museum. Usually, I’d look at a piece and would base judgement on it by first sight. If it was not visually appealing to me, I would not take a second glance. If there is one thing I learned during this class, it is to pay attention to the finer details.

Tuesday is the start of Designing Computer Graphics. This class is geared towards my major, so I am really looking forward to it!


2 thoughts on “School Journey Month 4

  1. Hi Jamie! I found your blog on That Chic Fashion Blog’s meet and greet post! You have a great blog!! I’ve recently changed my major from fashion merchandising to graphic design and I hope it all works out! Lol it’s cool that we have something in common! 🙂

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